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In any case, weiner is married to a muslim and will have half-arab muslim kids that gives him an extra connection to the mosque controversy he is the only new york jewish member of congress with a muslim spouse. Never mention that huma abedin was an assistant editor at the journal of muslim minority abdullah omar nasseef, anderson cooper, anthony weiner, chris. According to a writer for the communities section of the washington times, which apparently lets any old patriotic american sign up and start writin' against sharia, anthony weiner is a muslim. The muslim brotherhood and weiner by eileen f toplansky far more disturbing than the salacious details of weiner's dalliances is the fact that apparently his mother-in-law is a member of the muslim brotherhood. A fox news panel on friday managed to expose the real story that the rest of the media has managed to miss in the new york city mayoral race: the deep muslim brotherhood ties that huma abedin supposedly possesses fox news host sean hannity last week held a special “saving america” edition of.

Hillary clinton’s top aide huma abedin reveals in vogue today that her muslim faith helped her deal with her husband anthony weiner after news of his perverted online behavior ruined his political career. A practicing muslim, she had spent much of her childhood in saudi arabia abedin’s sense of style has made her a fixture on the glossy pages of the fashion magazines when she donned a specially made oscar de la renta gown to wed weiner in 2010, bill clinton officiated at the ceremony. Weiner's in-laws and the secret muslim brotherhood connections revealed walid shoebat and ben barrack was mrs weiner (huma abedin), the deputy chief of staff to hillary clinton unaware that her mother was reported as a member of the muslim brotherhood. Weiner was vehemently pro-israel in congress, and yet in 2010 he married huma abedin, a muslim of indian and pakistani descent who was raised and educated in. (mr weiner recently took a job at a communications firm owned by a clinton donor) it was after mr weiner’s resignation from congress that mr band, a friend of ms abedin’s since their time working at the white house, offered her work at teneo.

Anthony weiner accused his muslim parents-in-law of being 'backwards thinking' and never accepting him because of his jewish background, it was revealed today. Racist jew to anthony weiner : racist jew to anthony weiner : jews and muslims clash - duration: 8:19. Fbi found tens of thousands of emails belonging to huma abedin on weiner's laptop by tyler durden sat, 10/29/2016 - 23:04 0 shares. (cbs news) washington - former gop presidential candidate michele bachmann and four other conservative members of congress are charging that people with ties to muslim extremists have infiltrated the federal government sen john mccain denounced the allegations wednesday, calling them sinister.

Allegations spreading on the world wide web that hillary clinton's aide and state department deputy chief of staff, huma abedin, has ties to the muslim brotherhood. The latest tweets from huma abedin (@humaabedin) as we begin ramadan, i wish all muslims a blessed time of reflection, family, and good health.

Rep anthony weiner married his glamorous gal pal huma abedin in long island saturday in a lavish ceremony who is jewish, and abedin, who is muslim. In 2009, weiner, a jew, got engaged to huma abedin, a muslim and aide to then secretary of state hillary clinton they married in 2010 and now have a son named jordan zain weiner.

Weiner muslim

Huma abedin’s muslim minority affairs: not just particularly those whose families have ties to the muslim brotherhood—to marry non-muslims like weiner. Weiner scandals: in june 2011, a year into their marriage, weiner became embroiled in a sexting scandal abedin was pregnant with their child, jordan weiner resigned from congress days later, and in december their child was born. Congressman anthony weiner, who is jewish, became engaged to huma abedin, who is a muslim, in may 2009 the couple was married in july 2010 in an interfaith ceremony.

Hillary clinton talks with huma abedin before a conspiracy theory that she and other muslim americans had ties to the muslim weiner, left , listens as his. Was he sexting her with a phone he traded for sexual favors how did carlos danger win back the heart of his muslim bride. Anthony weiner made a rare reference to his wife, huma abedin’s, muslim religion the mayoral candidate, who is jewish, spoke about his mixed-faith marriage. Huma abedin is a naturally private person – but when she heard donald trump's proposal to ban all muslims from. Brooklyn, new york democratic congressman anthony weiner will marry outside the jewish religion to huma abedin, a muslim woman who is considered one of us secretary of state hillary clinton’s top aides, the new york daily news reported. Rush limbaugh says huma abedin is muslim, powerless, so anthony weiner can 'get away with anything. Now reading: huma abedin and the muslim brotherhood anthony weiner, who was involved in an earlier scandal for sexting a minor some months ago.

Watch video huma abedin, a longtime aide to hillary clinton, is at the center of a renewed fbi email investigation of clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state abedin is now separated from anthony weiner, a scandal-plagued former congressman and unsuccessful candidate for mayor. Huma weiner is a muslim woman, so why is she being deceptive in her marriage to weiner to follow muslim brotherhood instructions and. Despite all of the above, however, in 2010 weiner married huma mahmood abedin, a muslim of indian and pakistani descent who was raised and educated in saudi arabia abedin had been a long-time personal aide to hillary clinton, and the wedding ceremony was officiated by former president bill clinton.

Weiner muslim
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